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Whether your interests are primarily in hobby or professional cooking, we have the right knife to suit your needs. A number of well-known professional gourmet chefs use Chroma Knives in their kitchens. Take the time to look through our collections on line, and we are confident you will find our knives a welcome addition to your kitchen as well.

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A Short Philosophy on Good Knives

A knife must be well-rounded; ALL aspects must work harmoniously together. You need a steel that is sound and admirably crafted, that also has a practical grip. A knife that is good and sharp, will last a long time, and is easy to set up again. The production of a good knife is decidedly complex. We also need a user willing to provide their knife with the minimum basic care: a good wash and dry immediately after use, and not in the dishwasher! Use a good sharpening stone on a regular basis to prevent the knife from getting dull.

The Right Knife for Every Occasion

  • Apart from the necessary sharpening stone and cutting board, a professional cook needs at least 6 knives to do the kitchen's cutting work. Some kitchens may require even more knives!
  • The all-round choice for the kitchen is the chef's knife. It is, depending upon series and your own preferences, available in different lengths and well-suited for meats and vegetables.
  • The vegetable, or paring knife, whether straight or curved, is the smaller relative of the chef's knife. You will find yourself using it for every possible "delicate" job in the kitchen.
  • The carving knife is a sturdy knife with a narrow blade, ideally suited for cutting up meat. You can, however, comfortably use it to slice things like potatoes. The narrow blade prevents what you have  just chopped from piling up and sticking to it.
  • The Sashimi knife is best suited to the filleting of fish and meat. A tip from us: it can also be used to carve paper-thin slices of smoked ham.
  • The bread knife, with its serrated edge, "saws" through not only bread, but even the hardest of crusts, with ease.
  • The classic Japanese Santoku knife is the all-purpose knife of the Japanese kitchen. The meaning of Santoku denotes a knife of three virtues; it is appropriate for use on fish, meat, and vegetables.
  • With just this basic set, every creative endeavor in the kitchen will be a challenge you can boldly master. For any of your other individual needs and preferences, we carry a comprehensive assortment of many specialized knives - through us you may be able to find just the right one! 
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