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An American Tradition, Reinvented.

Our journey began with the search for healthier cooking. We wanted a pan that would provide a soulful cooking experience and look good while doing it. Through trial and error, we found found that the quality of current cast iron cookware didn’t measure up. We became obsessed with the intentional design, quality and craftsmanship of antique cast iron cookware—and we decided we would stop at nothing to build it on American soil. We wanted to build functional, durable cookware that’s better than anything on the market today: it stands up to an open flame while elevating the meal at the dining room table.

Cast Iron Skillet

Polished smooth, fit with an ergonomic speed-cool handle, and built to last for generations.

Cast Iron Grill Pan

Cook anywhere with the highest ribs in the game and make perfect grill marks.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Made from heavy gauge cast iron for excellent heat retention and distribution.

Designed for life.

FINEX pays homage to the best attributes of vintage cast iron cookware: machine-smoothed cooking surfaces, flaxseed oil pre-seasoning and stone-tumble polishing. We took to the drawing board and meticulously worked to make our pots and pans even better. Our cookware blends together vintage cast iron inspiration with modern functional design elements to give you the best experience and performance whenever and wherever life wants you to cook.

Functional Elegance.

Natural near-nonstick performance with a cooking surface that’s simply cast iron and organic flaxseed oil. A “Speed Cool” handle inspired by antique wood stoves, designed to temper heat and feel great while in use. Our cookware is equally at home on the stove, in the oven, on the grill or over a bed of coals. The patented octagonal shape? It’s not just for looks – the sides make it easier to release cornbread and each spout is another opportunity to pour soups and stews without dripping on the table.

Polished to Perfection.

Hand seasoning each of our pots and pans is a tedious extra step, but we know it’s worth it. The result means eggs slide easily and sauces won’t stick. You’ll love cooking with it indoors and out, on any heat source—including induction.

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