Momstir Best Wife Ever Sentimental Stemless Wine Glass for Her from Him/Husband Romantic Libbey 15oz


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Brand: Momstir

Color: Best Wife Ever

Package Dimensions: 109x124x168

Details: Simply executive. This wine glass is all about style and laughs. It brings people together because everybody wants to know about the text on the glass. Different meanings can be given to the text and it will still seem fun. The wine glass is one that fits the hands perfectly and just welcomes more drinks. It is made of really quality materials and has been put together in such a way that the liquid inside is seen as clearly as the liquid without the glass. It is a glass of real quality made in the United States with the ability to hold content of 15 ounces. Why You Should Get This Wine Glass The Perfect Gift This wine glass is the gift you can give to that colleague or friend or that person who is special. They don’t have to be young. A woman of over 40 years would get this wine glass and smile at it. It helps you put a solid imprint in the life of someone cos as they pick this glass up for a drink, they see the funny text, they think of you and there’s a smile on their face. There’s no limit to the people you can gift this wine glass to and you simply will not be forgotten for this singular act. Durability Wine glass made in the USA with some of the best materials you can get making the wine glass one That would stand the test of time. It doesn’t need one to be extra careful like most wine glasses need as with just an average level of care, this glass will serve and remain. It is also okay to clean using a dishwasher and this means it is strong enough. If you are looking for style and relative strength, then this one product for you. Style This wine glass also has a lot of styles and it can add that style and class to your personality if you are using this glass in a place outside the confines of your home. It easily draws respect to you, yet everyone wants to talk about your wine glass or smile at you.

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