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Haiku Kurouchi - 6 3/4 Inch Yasai-Giri Knife

Haiku Kurouchi - 6 3/4 Inch Yasai-Giri Knife

By Chroma

UPC: 4260089861909

The  Haiku Kurouchi 6 3/4 inch Yasai-Giri Knife is a Japanese cleaver.  Used for splitting or "cleaving" meat and bone.  A cleaver may be distinguished from a kitchen knife of similar shape by the fact that it has a heavy blade that is thick from the spine to quite near the edge. The edge is sharply-beveled and the bevel is typically convex. The knife is designed to cut with a swift stroke without cracking, splintering or bending the blade.

The Kurouchi knife is, so far, the only knife which fully meets the strict requirements of the CHROMA  inspectors for a TAKUMI knife without being manufactured in SAKAI.

 The features of the Haiku Kurouchi 6 3/4 inch Yasai-Giri Knife:

  • 6 3/4 inch high-grade steel blade
  • Glazed black magnolia hardwood handle   
  • Stainless Steel bolster
  • Meguki stainless steel pin insert
  • Chopping
  • Heavy Blade and thick spine
  • Traditional Japanese Cleaver shape
  • Crafted after the manor of the Japanese Samurai sword
  • Produced from extremely hard blue AOKO steel
  • Optimal hardness of 61 HRC
  • Designed for fast and easy sharpening
  • Stable handle design
  • Made in Japan

What People Are Saying About Us

Nice quality glassware. The writing and fox has a good feel to it, and looks like it will not wear off any time soon. I bought 2 to give as gifts, and both recipients loved them.

- Nicole N.

I was very impressed with the design and material of the glass. The graphic is hilarious and got a great reaction from everyone in the room. Highly recommended!

- John S.

The picture doesn't do these glasses any justice. They are adorable. I thought of lemonade and wedding gifts. The cleverness is in having two different shapes. And there are other versions available.

- Diane P.

Bride and groom got a good chuckle with these. Perfect touch to go with my basket!

- Denise M.

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